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Get instant notifications of events in your repositories
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How to receive repo notifications in your messenger?

2. Click "Start"
3. Enter /connect command
4. Choose the 'Add or edit credentials' option
5. Choose your repository provider - Github, Gitlab, or Bitbucket.
6. Follow the instructions for the selected repo.
● If you want to receive updates from a repository you must be the repository Admin in Bitbucket; Owner in GitHub; Maintainer in GitLab

● For Self-hosted instances, you need to create a webhook for each repository separately to get notifications from there. For Cloud repositories, you can make one subscription to all repositories.

● You can connect multiple repos (Github, Gitlab, or Bitbucket) types in different chats (ecxept Discord).

● You can use the bot both in personal and group chats.

● You only can use MyRepoBot for Cloud or Self-hosted version of Github / Gitlab.
Start Using
1. Open Google Chat from your Google Workspace account
2. Find and click on + button on the left sidebar near the 'Chat' title.
3. Click on 'Find apps'
4. Type 'MyRepoBot' in the search
5. Click on 'Chat' to start chat with the bot
6. Click 'Connect to Git'
7. Choose your Git type and follow the instructions.


Manage your Telegram integration using simple commands to retrieve updates in repositories and get reminders about pending pull requests.
Get Started
subscribe to your repo updates, and manage which type of updates you want to use.
set up scheduled reminders about pull requests/merge requests that are in review for more than N days.
manage your Telegram integration with Github, Gitlab, and Bitbucket
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Software Engineer
Alex set up notifications using 🛎️ /watch from his work repos to see all updates in his PRs and be able to handle reviews, comments and change requests faster.


QA Lead
Sophie set up notifications about build statuses in their QA chat to see when the new build is ready - that means her team can start testing changes.


Engineering Manager
Diogo set up ⌛️ /reminders in their engineers Telegram group to get a list of pull requests open for more than 2 days each morning. That encourages the team to review them and close them faster.


Team Lead
Katrine's team had a tight deadline on a project, so she set up notifications from her 'Product' repo using 🛎️ /watch command. Now she is able to get all important notifications from the engineers even she is away from her laptop, which allows her to monitor the latest events no matter where she is.

Work with Jira?

Try MyJiraBot, which notifies you about your Jira events.
Connect your Jira account (cloud or self-hosted), configure notifications, and keep up with your updates!
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Your data privacy matters. MyRepoBot complies with the strict Github & Gitlab & Bitbucket privacy requirements and GDPR.